"His Story Continues - Romans 10:18 - 11:36" - Understanding the Lord's Plan - pt. 5
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Delivered By
Pastor Kyle Streun
Delivered On
March 1, 2020 at 10:45 AM
Central Passage
Romans 10:18 - 11:36
Understanding the Lord's Plan

His Story Continues Understanding the Lord’s Plan — Part 5
Romans 10:18 - 11:36

Truths about the Lord’s Plan

  1. Not everyone who hears and understands the Lord’s plan accepts it. (10:18-21)
  2. The Lord never leaves Himself without a witness chosen by grace. (11:1-6)
  3. The rejection of the Lord’s plan by some, opens the opportunity to experience mercy for others.  (11:7-32)
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